About The Course

Project Planning and Control are two of the most essential elements in managing projects. Project Planning and Control involves knowledge of the project mission, project scope, project resources, project strategy, project execution, knowledge of the most effective planning tools, and communication skill. Lack of those knowledge will produce poor planning deliverables, poor control execution. Poor planning and control will result poor project execution and delivery.

Project Planning and Control are more than just concept, they are about understanding the project management. Understanding the Planning and Control are more than just understanding project schedule and critical path, they are about understanding how to optimize the power of critical path, the power of all planning tools to plan and control the project.

This course is designed for project leaders and managers, planning leaders and managers, senior member and leader of project management team to have common understanding of Project Planning and Control. The Course will cover Basic Concept of Project Management and its relation with Project Planning and Control, Understanding and Optimizing Project Planning Tools, Scheduling and Critical Path Method concept and optimizing the power of critical path to plan, control, accelerate and recover project schedule.

The training is designed in a very simple approach but you will find the basic principles and you will find a full of hands on best practices and exercises so that you will be able to implement and improve it by your self. It’s Fun but valuable.

Participants Goal

  • Understand the concept of Project Management
  • Understand the Project Planning and Control in Project Management Framework
  • Understand the importance and characteristic  of structured Planning, Scope, WBS, Project Execution Plan
  • Understand the types of Planning tools
  • Understand how to optimize the planning tools to support decision making
  • Understand the concept of Critical Path Method
  • Understand how to optimize critical path to support decision making
  • Understand how to manage the communication of the schedule

Course Outline

  • Project Management Concept
  • Project Planning and Control in Project Management Framework
  • Leadership in Project Planning and Control
  • Structured Planning, WBS, PEP
  • Types and Optimizing of Planning and Control Tools
  • Project Scheduling
  • Concept and Optimizing Critical Path Method
  • Baseline vs Planning vs Actual vs Forecast
  • Communicating the Schedule