About The Construction Engineering

Oil and Gas Projects involves varies of engineering skills and knowledge. Construction Engineering is a combination of experienced based skill and knowledge to engineer, execute and manage the project during construction phase. Knowledge of engineering design, drawings, specifications, codes, material, logistics, procedures, welding, construction methods, health, safety and environment are the knowledge required by a Construction Engineer.

About The Course

The course is design to discover the leadership skills, technical skills and basic knowledge of Construction Engineering. The course will be divided in seven major parts:

  1. Position on Project Organization and roadmap to Project Management Level
  2. Business Standard and Codes
  3. Product Knowledge - Material Specification and Codes
  4. Practical Construction Design - Design drawings, Shop drawings, Bill of Materials
  5. Assembly – Welding and Bolting
  6. Material & Equipment Handling & Installation – Lifting and Rigging
  7. Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment


The course will be ended with a comprehensive project exercise to ensure the understanding of the applied concept. A competent Construction Engineer is expected to support the business, to support Design Engineering, Procurement, and Construction.

The training is designed in a very simple approach but you will find the basic principles and you will find a full of hands on best practices and exercises so that you will be able to implement and improve it by your-self. It’s Fun but valuable.

Participants Goal

  • Understand the position on project organization.
  • Understand the function of Business Standards & Code
  • Understand the Roadmap to Project Management Level
  • Understanding of Material Specifications & Codes.
  • Understand the Design drawings, shop drawings, bill of materials
  • Understand the basic knowledge of Welding
  • Understand Basic Lifting and Rigging
  • Understand the basic knowledge of Quality dan HSE

Course Outline

Construction Leadership

  • Position on project organization.
  • Business Standards & Codes
  • Roadmap to Project Management Level

Technical Skills

  • Material Specifications & Codes.
  • Design drawings, shop drawings, bill of materials
  • Basic knowledge of Welding
  • Basic Lifting and Rigging

Basic knowledge of Quality dan HSE