PPM is one of high end scheduling tool available in the world which integrates schedules, resources, cost, risk, reports and web. PRIMAVERA is supported by the power of database providing high flexibility in integrating the data.

However, in reality, very often many powerful primavera features are not very well managed and optimized. This is mostly because the Planning Engineers do not really understand the way PRIMAVERA is structured and the way scheduling is managed by PRIMAVERA. Very often, no standards available for OBS, EPS, WBS, activity codes, ID numbering, formats, baseline, filing, naming, updating, revision, resources pool, schedule presentation, back up, etc. The power of PRIMAVERA as an enterprise is not well managed and optimized.

EPM designed a course to deliver the basic understanding of developing schedule in PRIMAVERA. This course will show how to manage and optimize the usage of Primavera PPM to support Decisions Making by Management. The usage of OBS, EPS, Resources and Codes will be managed for the benefit of schedule and database management. WBS, activity codes, resource codes, lay out, format, will be managed for better schedule presentation. Schedule baseline, update, and schedule control will be presented to optimize the Primavera for planning and control. Filing, importing, exporting, dependencies between projects, handling multi-project schedule will be discussed to manage the multi-project scheduling. At the end, communication strategy to get schedule buy in will be discussed as well.

Participants Goal

  • Understand the importance and characteristic of structured scheduling on Primavera
  • Know how to optimized available Primavera tools to optimize the structured scheduling
  • Manage scheduling on Primavera properly
  • Manage interface on multi project scheduling
  • Manage the communication of the schedule

Course Outline


  • Schedule – Critical Path Concept
  • Operating Primavera
  • Primavera on-Screen

Preparing Primavera

  • Managing OBS
  • Managing EPS
  • Managing WBS of Project
  • Managing Activity


Managing Schedule Update

Managing Resources for Planning on Primavera

Managing Multi-projects on Primavera

Presenting Schedule

  • Lay out function
  • Formatting the presentation of schedule
  • XERTool

Communicating the Schedule