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Ir. Edwin Badrusomad Ir. is the Founder and Managing Director of PT. Edwin Primadaya Mandiri., and Executive Director of IAFMI (Ikatan Ahli Fasilitas Produksi Minyak dan Gas Bumi Indonesia).  He graduated from INSTITUT TEKNOLOGI BANDUNG in the year of 1989, major in Construction Management of Civil Engineering.  He started to be a Project Management Public Training Instructor since 1994.

In 1989 joined PETROSEA, a Mining, Oil & Gas Contractor who granted scholarship during the college at ITB.  In 1991 joined ARCO Indonesia for 10 years and assigned for several positions in Project Management area, especially in Project Planning and Control area. The projects were widely spread at North Java sea and Pagerungan development areas.

In the same time also actively involved in designing and becoming trainer of ARCO in-house and public training for Project Management, Team Building Workshop, Motivation Development Workshop.

In the year of 2000-2001 joined UNOCAL as a Project Support Superintendent, developing new working system to support the execution of UNOCAL's projects.

In 2002-2005 assigned as a Project Management Coach for UNOCAL for four years and became part and member of International UNOCAL Project Management Coach Network. The main duty is to deliver and build Project Management capacity and capability for UNOCAL’s project leaders, national and expatriates.

In the year of 2005-2006 joined BP TANGGUH PRODUCTION FACILITIES PROJECT TEAM as a Project Planning and Control leader, delivering a USD 500 million value of Offshore Gas Production Facilities project.

In 2007-2008 joined BP TANGGUH LNG Project team to lead the Project Site Planning team, delivering a USD 2 Billion LNG Plant Construction project in Papua. BP TANGGUH LNG is the third LNG center in Indonesia with 2 largest train capacities of 7.6 million tons LNG per year, 7,000 piles, 5 million m3 of soils cut of earthwork, and two largest 170,000 m3 of LNG storage tank capacities.

In the year of 2009-2013 joined TOTAL E&P Indonesie as a Lead Planning Engineer for major Production Facilities Projects. He also executed several Project Planning Risk Assessment for Total Major projects.

His working experience in the area of Project Management especially Planning and Control, Trainer for Project Management, Trainer for Team Building Workshop, Trainer for Motivation Development, and Project Management Coach empowered his expertise in delivering the Project Management Trainings, and Consultations. His goal in giving the training is always to transfer the knowledge and skill of the Core Principles in whatever topics.